Global Relief Technologies (“GRT”) was established in 2003 to provide solutions in support of humanitarian relief efforts worldwide.

From the beginning, GRT’s focus has been on supporting the US Departments of State and Defense in global health missions, disaster relief operations and logistics.

GRT has also supported state agencies as well as private domestic and international humanitarian organizations. Our initial deployment delivered a disaster relief field medical assessment for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Since then, GRT has successfully delivered solutions in complex environments globally.

Our portfolio has diversified into Healthcare Supply and Touchless Health Screening technology in response to the Covid-19 crisis. GRT’s products include turnkey, configurable, and custom developed solutions, with an emphasis on field data collection, resource management, total asset visibility and logistics. We also provide managed services, infrastructure design, and cyber security.


Global Relief Technologies (GRT) is a solutions provider adept at meeting logistic support and IT and organizational needs. Our core competency is responding to all phases of humanitarian relief efforts. We provide global support in the acquisition of PPE and medical equipment to governments, hospitals and other organizations. Through our direct relationships to suppliers we ensure that the needs of first responders and hospitals are met. Our technology services range from application development, to managed services, and co-location.

Our products include both turnkey to custom solutions with a wide array of capabilities that can be adapted to your IT needs. And always supported by GRT’s Global Client Service & Support Teams 24x7x365.

GRT COVID-19 Response

What can GRT do to assist Hospitals, Federal, State, and Local Governments in battling COVID-19?