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RDMS Technology

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RDMS Technology

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RDMS Technology


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Why work with us?

USS Mercy
GRT has successfully delivered enterprise mobile field data solutions since 2003. Initially developed for the United States Marine Corp, RDMS by GRT has been utilized throughout the world by the American Red Cross, the United States Navy and other international organizations. We are not an application which was developed yesterday, last year, or even 5 years ago. In fact, we have over a 10 year history of success with mobile applications in mission critical situations where lives depended on RDMS operating in connected and disconnected environments.

  • Simple, Easy-to-Use & Intuitive UE (developed from the FIELD IN).
  • Rapid Field Adoption Rate.
  • Data is structured, secure, accurate and actionable.
  • Flexible architecture allows for easy integration into client systems.
  • Business Process Workflow Consulting.
  • Customization (GRT Executes vs. Client).
  • Complete System Integration.
  • Comprehensive Training.
  • Fast Implementation.
  • Fusion/Collaboration Center.
  • Support (365 days per year / 24x7).

Client Testimonials

  • "Like what I saw at NASA and the Oracle Corporation, GRT is blazing a path for the use of new technologies in real-world circumstances. In effect, the GRT patented solution is changing the way people operate in difficult field conditions around the world. By combining their technical expertise in GIS mapping, satellite imagery and satellite communications, GRT is giving decision makers superior capabilities to act with speed and effectiveness. GRT is the real deal."
      General James A. Abrahamson, Chairman, GEOEYE
    Former Chairman, Oracle Corporation
    Former Associate Administrator,
    NASA Manned Space Flight
    First Director of SDI
  • "RDMS is the total end-to-end solution that even includes logistics. Their technology is operationally proven, fast, user-friendly, and extremely durable...'Marine Corps Proof.' GRT has significantly reduced our processing and administrative work. Currently in use, with outstanding results, in Marine Expeditionary Units (Special Operations Capable) for Humanitarian Assistance, Non-Combatant Evacuation, Mass Casualty situations, Convey and Beach/Port logistic throughput operations."
      Martin Klotz, Major USMC (Ret)
    Senior Instructor, Special Operations Training Group, USMC
  • "With RDMS, the Maine Forest Rangers are able to electronically collect 36 distinct inspections, resulting in an enhanced Ranger productivity by over 50%. RDMS has truly revolutionized the way we do business."
      Jeffrey Currier, Director
    Department of Conservation, Maine Forest Service
  • "RDMS is a revolutionary technology that saves lives and has more than proven itself in the harshest conditions of Marine Corps field operations in East Asia, the western Pacific, and Haiti. The only thing better than RDMS's performance, is its potential to grow into other uses, functions, and domains. The civil applications alone are enormous and limited only by our imaginations. It is an order of magnitude increase in capability from our traditional methods of gathering, managing, analyzing, and viewing the world that surrounds us."
      Lieutenant General Keith J. Stalder, USMC (Ret)
    Senior Advisor, US Department of Homeland Security
    Former Commanding General, US Marine Corp Forces, Pacific (MARFORPAC)
  • "GRT's solution addresses a huge challenge for the humanitarian community: how to easily transmit critical data from the field so that organizations can immediately analyze and respond to fast-breaking crises."
      Frederick Barton
    US Ambassador to the United Nations, UN Headquarters, New York
    Former United Nations Deputy High Commissioner,
    UN High Commissioner for Refugees