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DIR ICT Co-op Contract (DIR-SDD-1845)

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At the heart of GRT's solution is our innovative, patented Rapid Data Management System™ (RDMS™)

The technology consists of three components: (1) RDMS Collect™ field data collection software for handheld devices; (2) RDMS Collaborate™ that provides a Collaboration Center allowing operations managers to access, manage and share the information collected by field personnel from any computer connected to the Internet; and (3) RDMS Communicate™ that provides Internet connectivity in even the most remote and difficult environments.

Armed with this real-time information, authorized personnel can quickly make more informed decisions and allocate limited resources more effectively and in less time.

Collect Data Faster, Easier, and More Effectively.

Contact GRT today and discover why organizations like the American Red Cross count on GRT to help them collect and analyze information in real-time at disaster areas around the world.

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At the heart of Global Relief Technologies’ solution is our innovative, patented Rapid Data Management System™ (RDMS™)


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Heath Henry, Director of Business Development
111 Congress Avenue, Suite 400
Austin, Texas 78701

[email protected]

Office: 1-512-681-4490
Cell: 1-512-221-6185
Fax: 1-512-279-7810

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