RDMS Collaborate™

RDMS Collaborate™ is the central headquarters hub and Collaboration Center of the GRT solution. It’s an easy to learn and use Web-based application that allows operations managers and field managers to access, manage, analyze and share the information collected by field personnel.

The Collaboration Center provides (1) the ability to monitor, review and evaluate information as it is transmitted by field personnel to your organization’s secure database; (2) instant analysis of information using standard and custom charts, graphs and reporting capabilities; (3) location-based analysis identified by icons superimposed on maps and satellite imagery; (4) emergency alerts sent between field users and headquarters’ personnel; (5) exchange of mission critical information with other agencies, allowing multiple organizations to share and view data. A single Center Collaboration can be used to manage multiple field programs.

The Collaboration Center can be linked to a customer’s existing MIS/GIS systems. And because it employs a secure Web-based interface, you can access the Collaboration Center anywhere and anytime using any Internet connection.


Global Accessibility – Access the Collaboration Center from virtually any computer in the world with Internet access

Database Management - View data collected in the field using summary and detail views; search and filter data records; add new data records; review data records and mark as reviewed; edit existing data records; archive unused data records

Emergency Alerts - Send and receive special alerts with GPS coordinates that identify an emergency situation or other urgent information. Ability to display all alerts in one click atop maps and satellite imagery

Custom Reports – Ability to create custom reports with pie charts, bar graphs and data grids. Filter by date, status (read and/or reviewed), by project, etc. Ability to save reports to an individual account. Ability to share reports with other Collaboration Center users (some or all users)

Mapping and GIS - View field data overlays superimposed on maps and overhead imagery, all with the performance and reliability of ESRI and Google Maps Enterprise. Google-like graphical user interface that’s simple, familiar, high performance and easy to use. Worldwide map coverage (base and terrain) and worldwide overhead imagery coverage (satellite and/or aerial). Quick integration with third party data layers (KML layers, Map Services and ArcGIS Servers)

Integrates with Your GIS/MIS – A flexible Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to quickly and easily link the Collaboration Center with your in-house GIS/MIS using industry standard Web Services protocols (SOAP, XML)

Data Export – Export data in .CSV format (Excel) or .XML format (Access) for use in most spreadsheet, database or statistical analysis applications

Public Documents Repository - Upload and share supporting files (documents, maps, images, video and audio)

Remote Device Management - Mobile devices are automatically registered with the Collaboration Center when the RDMS Collect software is installed on the device. Includes the ability to edit device information or disable an RDMS Collect device remotely, thereby restricting the device from sharing data with the Collaboration Center

Manage User Privileges and Accounts - Enable, edit and disable a user account. Manage user access, privileges and report sharing; manage account information; manage devices; view security logs; access maps and satellite imagery