RDMS Collect™

RDMS Collect™ runs on tablets and smartphones using the Android and iOS operating system, and provides the means by which field personnel can be connected to your business information systems. It features an easy to use interface, rules based data collection—data is delivered “clean, structured and validated” for 100% real-time visibility of field activities. Flexible and adaptable, RDMS Collect is configured to meet each customer’s specific requirements.


Simple User Interface - Graphical user interface, employing “previous/next” buttons, branching rules with auto population capability and data validation customized for each requirement to guide the data collection process

Field Data Collection – RDMS Collect provides a robust field data collection platform. Field assessment data are collected using customizable, but simple data entry forms that are optimized for mobile devices and field operations. Users can compose custom assessment forms or select existing data entry forms from the forms library

Dispatch – Two-way automated mechanism for assigning or distributing work orders to the field and back to Headquarters

Photos, Videos and Audio – Multimedia clips can easily be added to field data using the mobile device’s built-in camera and microphone

Integrated GPS Mapping – Map coordinates can be added to a data collection record from GPS (where you are) or by tapping map location (e.g. - location across a river) providing locations of completed field data superimposed on maps and overhead imagery

Connected/Disconnected Operations - Data is “held” on the RDMS Collect device until an Internet connection is available, data are then transmitted and verification is provided

Remotely Update Questions - Compose, modify or update data collection forms in the Collaboration Center, then remotely download the forms to RDMS Collect devices

Emergency Alerts - Send and receive special alerts with GPS coordinates that identify emergency or other urgent information

Device Management – RDMS Collect can be used on most devices running the Android and iOS operating system. This provides dozens of consumer-grade and professional-grade devices in all price ranges to choose from